November Collection : Relaxing Troso

stock left: Red and Black

available in blue, red, espresso, and black
(only one product for each color)

"Tenun Troso" is less familiar to be heard as an attractive craft from Jepara other than its high quality furniture product. However, "Tenun Troso" is a beautiful traditional handwoven cloth crafted in Desa Troso at Kecamatan Pecangaan, Kabupaten Jepara. The expertise of making the cloth has been enherited over years, even before the independence of Indonesia in 1945, and use a traditional handwoven tools called "Gedog". The people of Troso still defend their tradition by using a non mechanical machinary, yet modified Gedog to produce a wider cloth.

*colors may not be exact as it is in the pictures, as affected by lighting.
please email for details and further information